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Should You Repair or Replace a Damaged Commercial Flat Roof?

Most commercial flat roof systems are built to last. However, this does not mean that they will not have any problems over time. If the roof is not properly installed and maintained problems can arise. When problems come up, what should you do to fix your commercial roof? You have a few options when it comes to fixing commercial roofing systems: roof repair, roof coating, and roof replacement. Before choosing which option will work best for you, let’s look at some of the main reasons for commercial roof repair, coating, and replacement.

Main Reasons For Commercial Flat Roof Repair, Coating, and Replacement



 A roof’s age can be a great indicator of which option to choose. As commercial roofs age, continuing to repair them will only do so much. Commercial roofs typically last between 15-50 years depending on the material used. If the roof is fairly new and still structurally sound, then roof repair would make sense. If the roof is old and continues to have issues, roof replacement is your best bet.


Roof Leaks

A roof leak is obviously a problem that needs to fixed immediately. The next time it rains check the roof for signs of leaking and dampness. If the roof is leaking there is a possibility of water damage. If you only find an isolated leak then you may be able to get away with minor repairs. Finding multiple leaks could mean there is a greater issue and the roof needs to be replaced.


Energy Bills

A commercial roof’s job is not only to keep the elements out. It is also to insulate the building, keeping heated and/or cooled air in. If you have noticed a jump in heating and cooling costs and you cannot figure out why, it could be your roof. Issues like these come about when the roof is not properly insulating the building.


Visible Roof Damage

If you think you have an issue with your commercial flat roof, take an afternoon to visually inspect it. Is the flashing damaged? Are there any cracks, bubbles or blisters in the membrane? Is water draining properly? These issues are all signs of a roof that needs to be replaced.


Now that we know the main reasons for roof repair and replacement, here are your potential solutions and the benefits of each.

Commercial Flat Roof Solutions


Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair is a good option if the issues with the roof are minor. Some roof damage can be repaired quickly and easily. If the damage to the roof is extensive, consider roof replacement. Sometimes the membrane is basically in good shape and has not met its life expectation. It is also wise to opt for  commercial roof repair if the roof has good insulation. Roof repair is great for the property or building manager that is looking to keep costs to a minimum. Roof repair is far less costly than a full commercial roof replacement. Commercial roof repair will help to extend the life of the roof as well.


Roof Replacement

If the damage to your commercial roof is extensive then repair may not be an option. If the roof has been previously repaired or recovered the roof should be replaced. Common practice is to replace the roof if 25% or more has been damaged. Insulation that has been damaged or gotten wet will need to be replaced. Commercial roof replacements are a great long term solution to commercial roof damage. Commercial roof replacement allows the building manager to update the technology used in the roofing system. The new commercial roof system will have lower maintenance costs, and help to lower energy costs. Not to mention a new roof will more than likely alleviate the headaches from constant issues with the old roof.



Even if there is no damage, commercial roofs can be coated to extend the life of the roof. Coating your commercial roof provides extra protection against leaks. Utilizing a reflective coating can reflect heat and sunlight away from the building.This will keep the building cooler and improve comfort. Reflecting heat away from the building will help lower your energy bill. Not only is a coating less disruptive than other options, but it is more cost effective too. Commercial roof coatings will require general repairs and investigation to ensure the existing roof is free of trapped moisture and the existing system is intact.

At Peck Brothers Roofing, we pride ourselves in the trust we earn with our clientele because of our creative commercial roofing solutions. Often we begin a relationship by acquiring a customer’s worst problems that others can’t solve, or want not part in. For others the reward may seem too small, the work too great or simply, not worth the time. That is where we excel. We immediately incorporate a timely response with creative thinking to offer commercial roofing solutions and simply solve the problem. If you have a commercial roofing issue you would like to discuss, email us at or call 201-791-3235 today.

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