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Preparing For The Storm; How You Can Ensure a Long, Healthy Life For Your Commercial Roof

Many people forget that the roof over their head that is keeping them dry until it starts raining on them at their desk or in an aisle of their store. Roofs are essential structures to the health and well being of a building. If the roof fails, there are many issues that can arise around the commercial roof costing building owners big bucks.

There is a way to ensure a long, healthy life for your commercial roof and to limit the possibility of a leak or worse, a roof cave in! Below, we have listed several tips to keep in mind when reviewing your grounds maintenance program.

Clean out the pipes!


It seems like such a basic concept to make sure all drainage pipes are clear before a storm rolls in but you’d be surprised to know how many companies neglect to check! Cleaning the drains is like remembering the forks in the drawers when you are moving. . They are out of site 90% of the time so people don’t think to check.. until you can’t eat dinner in the new home! Keeping the gutters and drains clean is essential to the safety of your building, and the health of your commercial roof.

Don’t just leave it there!


The sun is shining, breeze is blowing and the leaves are beginning to change colors. Your drive to work is scenic and peaceful… then you pull into your parking lot where you find a piece of your roof in the middle of a walkway. It was bound to happen, your commercial roof was 10 years old and hadn’t been up kept. You need to address this situation quickly, and need to have someone trustworthy in mind that can assist you. Don’t let your roof go too long without that piece… That is when trouble begins because a new piece of roof is exposed to elements it may have never touched before and who know what will happen. Not to mention there may be legal ramifications if you do not address the situation properly… Building inspectors are always looking for violations and they aren’t cheap! Have a plan in place to have situations like this resolved in a timely fashion to avoid any further burdens.

Inspect your commercial roof after winter


Storms are not always predictable and can cause significant damage. New Jersey weather is the definition of unpredictability and as you head north to New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.. It only gets worse… and colder! Be sure to keep your roof clean and clear and plan ahead. “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best”.

The way to prevent is to maintain


The best way to prepare for an unforeseen problem is to properly maintain your commercial roof. Performing routine inspections is very important. Make sure to inspect the roof and building walls for signs of leaks and water damage, and inspect interior walls and ceilings to make sure there are no leaks. Check the roof deck and coping for signs of wear and tear. Also check for thin sections of membrane and deteriorated caulking. Cold weather can significantly affect loose mortar and composite building materials. They contract and may separate, creating entry points. Make sure all parts of the roof system are clean and show no signs of damage. An inspection of your roof may reveal that your in-house maintenance staff is ill-prepared for a roofing emergency, in which case you should call in a trained professional.


At Peck Brothers Roofing, we pride ourselves in the trust we earn with our clientele because of our creative commercial roofing solutions. Often we begin a relationship by acquiring a customer’s worst problems that others can’t solve, or want not part in. For others the reward may seem too small, the work too great or simply, not worth the time. That is where we excel. We immediately incorporate a timely response with creative thinking to offer commercial roofing solutions and simply solve the problem. If you have a commercial roofing issue you would like to discuss, email us at or call 201-791-3235 today.

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