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Fall Roofing: Things to Consider Before the Leaves Fall

Some say that fall is a mellow time. It’s when we look forward to cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters and the beauty of change. On the other hand, if you own a commercial building, you may see fall as a time of hectic activity and increased energy as you work to complete tasks before winter.   Now is the time to look into those fall roofing tasks, before the leaves begin to fall and the rain starts, there is much to be done in your business and your building. Have a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.

When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, it’s easy to disregard the fact that fall is coming, with its strong winds and bitter chill. Look to the best commercial roofer to help you get started and handle your fall roofing projects before winter comes.

What to look for in a general inspection

With the right materials, your commercial roof should last for many years. By conducting routine assessments, you can help to extend the life and look of your roof. It’s a good idea to do this twice a year. Once in the fall, to address any issues before winter, and again in spring, to inspect the level of chaos that winter has thrown at you.

  • Stained tiles on the ceiling, which typically signifies water damage
  • Indication of water leakage around doors or windows can also be a concern. Look for things like sunlight coming in where it shouldn’t, rattling, cracks, drafts and soft or decayed wood.
  • Corrosion on structural components of your roof, such as the decking or roof joists.
  • Mold contamination, which can be a sign of excess water and moisture. Left unchecked, it can grow and make employees or tenants sick.

The importance of due diligence

No one wants to work on a high, wet, icy roof. This is dangerous for roofers and even some tools and materials can be unreliable when cold and damp. Therefore, it’s best to identify and fix problems early, so when winter comes you can stay inside and rest easy, knowing that rain and snow won’t come crashing in on you. To do this, there are several factors you should manage or check on now.

Keep heaters running its human nature to turn everything off before you leave, but this is a mistake. It’s best to keep your heater on low to avoid problems with freeing pipes. Having a slight increase to your electricity bill is still a lot less expensive than fixing broken pipes.

Consider all the variables as the weather changes how you care for your commercial roof may depend on where you live. For example, what you have to do for commercial roof maintenance in CT might be different than what’s needed for quick roof repair in NY. Roofs located in a dry, hot area will require care that is unlike a building that is exposed to cold, snowy conditions. The type of roof system and how much sun and rainfall you can expect are also considerations. Choosing the proper care products can significantly prolong the life of your roof.

Pay attention to the little things loose or damaged shingles may seem like a minor problem that can wait until spring to be fixed. However, over time it can cause damage and leaks. There is also the danger of mold. It helps to be on good terms with your neighbors, who can alert you to problems you might not see.

Restore your commercial roof splits, tears, blisters and separation in seams can all serve to affect the performance of your roof. It gets worse as it gets colder. Before the icy months of winter, you should take steps to restore your roof. This will help stop further deterioration and save you money in the long run. Coating it in the fall will prevent the need for replacement in the spring.

Don’t ignore potential issues gaps around windows and doors can let in cold air and may cause your employees or tenants to crank up the heat, costing you even more money and wasting energy. Sealing gaps can help you avoid wasting energy.

Before the weather turns cold

Make sure your gutters stay clear when leaves and other debris clog your gutters, it can cause water to pool on the roof. This can create leaks and many other types of costly water damage.Check your parking lot wet leaves can cause people to slip and fall. Put a system in place to ensure that any snow and ice removal is happens promptly to prevent accidents.

Check your drainage systems this will help to avoid issues of pooling or freezing water. All gutters, drains and pipes should allow water to flow freely. Clogged water systems can also be problem. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Winterize your property if you have a sprinkler system, you will need to shut it down before the cold weather hits. Drain the water out of the system and turn off the controls until spring.

Get a commercial roof inspection – winter can wreak havoc on even new commercial roofs, especially during the harsh winter months in New Jersey. This is partially due to temperature fluctuations, where the materials expand and contract as the thermometer rises and falls. When this happens, it can shock your roof system and weaken structural integrity. Having a thorough, professional inspection can help to spot minor issues before they become major headaches. You should get in the habit of having an inspection done each year to prevent surprise repairs and expenses. Of course, this is not a substitute for routine, year-round maintenance to find and correct any damage.

Be Proactive

While many people are concerned with the level of comfort and warmth inside the building when it gets cold, trust a 24/7 commercial roofing company to make sure the roof over your head can withstand the winter months as well. To avoid putting buckets under leaks in the spring, it’s wise to ensure your roof is ready in the fall.

At Peck Brothers Roofing, we pride ourselves in the trust we earn with our clientele because of our creative commercial roofing solutions. Often we begin a relationship by acquiring a customer’s worst problems that others can’t solve, or want not part in. For others the reward may seem too small, the work too great or simply, not worth the time. That is where we excel. We immediately incorporate a timely response with creative thinking to offer commercial roofing solutions and simply solve the problem. If you have a commercial roofing issue you would like to discuss, email us at or call 201-791-3235 today.

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