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Peck Brothers respects the invisible, moral boundary between us and the customer you serve. We agree to work directly with your firm and abide by your rules and regulations keeping our interactions with you both effective and appropriate.

Those men and women with quality experience, skill and education in the roofing domain. The customer expects nothing less than a perfect plan consisting of drawings, revolutionary designs, comparative pricing, and not to mention, suggested improvements. Along the way, be sure that all of these are accomplished on time, under budget and without incident.

In order to support this vital, yet overlooked, project leader, Peck Brothers is prepared to provide the following support to make your project successful…


Peck Brothers exercises the multiple disciplines required to coordinate the demand & supply of facilities and services within both the public and private sectors. We have over a decade of “IT” based fiscal & financial management experience and more than capable of plugging into your budgeting and accounting system.

As companies strive to do more with less, experience has taught us that as a Building Manager, your range of building responsibility has probably gone beyond your expectation.  With one individual typically maintaining entire regions consisting of hundreds of buildings and numerous internal and external accounts, our motivation and responsibility is clear…

“Give the Building Manager what they need, when they want it and how they want it. Today.”

Peck Brothers will meet early and often with you and your 3rd Party Administrator to work hand in hand with your internal Reporting, Auditing & Invoicing system of choice.  


Over-communication is built into the Peck Brothers foundation. We understand the responsibility you have to your property group and the customers you service.
Those obligations keep us open to your thoughts and perspectives.
Our communication style is verbal, non-verbal, and actions based to include the principles of accuracy, professionalism, and punctuality.

Surveys, cost assessments and asset depreciation are just a few of the responsibilities that Peck Brothers will partner with Property Managers on.  Vacant properties do not generate revenue and the roof system is by far, the most expensive cost driver to a building or several adjacent buildings within a space.  Shopping malls, parcels, plazas, dark stores, distribution centers, stand alone buildings and outlets are our specialty.

Corporate Headquarters

101 Van Riper Ave. Elmwood Park, NJ, 07407

Phone: 201-791-3235