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Roof Snow Removal

Every year, property managers, facility managers, and consultants across the northeast encounter roof damage due to snow ice as it accumulates on their roofs. Heavy snow falls and freeze-thaw cycles have the potential to damage, and possibly collapse, your commercial roof. Although roof collapses are among a property manager’s main concerns, it remains difficult to find a reliable, quick, and safe roof snow removal service. Snow and ice can also damage gas lines, water piping, electrical conduits, and other rooftop accessories.

Roof Snow Removal – Fast and Steady

Peck Brothers Roofing- Roof Snow Removal

When a winter storm comes, the last thing you want to worry about is if your building will be safe. Heavy snowfall can quickly create dangerous conditions, and a roof collapse can result in major damage to your business and the people in it. Our trained experts can assist you in keeping everything safe before, during, and after the storm. To arrange roof snow removal services at your property, contact Peck Brothers today!

Snow accumulation may lead to several problems including:

  • Roof Leaks:  Leaks may occur during freeze-thaw cycles. Cold spots on the roof can accumulate ice due to building geometry.  Ice can form on walls and around roof drainage. This can cause damage and make property conditions slick and dangerous for the buildings tenants.
  • Icicle Formation: Icicle formation is a normal part of the snow melting cycle. However, the formation of icicles over high traffic areas poses a threat of injury and damage to customers. No one should have to worry about icicle formation over entryways, sidewalks, and parking lots. Proper action should be taken to reduce structural concerns and liability.
  • Structural Concerns. The average solid square foot of snow weighs about 60lbs., but keep in mind that the weight of the snow will vary from storm to storm. As snow and ice accumulate on your roof, there is a greater chance for structural issues including partial and full roof collapse due to the increased weight.



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