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Preventative Maintenance

Do I Need Annual Commercial Roof Preventative Maintenance Inspections?

Your roof really takes a beating. Everyday it is exposed the elements; sun, wind, and rain. This wear and tear deteriorates and ages your roof until the end of its serviceable life. There is a lot you can do with preventative maintenance to prolong the life of your roof until that day comes. 

Peck Brothers Roofing- Preventative maintenance

Much like with own health, your roof needs routine check ups. Based on the needs of your roof system we can determine inspection frequency required to properly maintain your commercial roof system. Annual or Semi-annual. These inspections make sure that there are no issues with your commercial roof. Most people assume that just because you can’t see any damage that there is none. Some damage can go undetected to the untrained eye.

You can’t safeguard entirely against leaks happening. Mother Nature ensures that. But you can be ready and aware and commercial roof maintenance gives you one less thing to worry about.

It is nearly impossible to ensure that your roof will never leak. Through preventative roof maintenance, you can be more aware of the health of your roof. Preventative roof maintenance helps you better prepare for and resolve issues, because you can catch them before they become emergencies.

What to Expect with Commercial Roof Maintenance from Peck Brothers

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When we inspect your roof we’re looking for areas where water can pool. On flat roofs, debris is common from nearby trees or even loose gravel and dirt. These items can trap moisture, and in a wet season, can promote algae and mold growth that damages the roof surface.

Debris is common on flat commercial roofs because of loose gravel and surrounding trees. Debris can trap moisture and promote mold and algae growth, which damage the surface of the roof. Pooling water is another sign we are looking for. Water that pools can cause water damage and structural damage due to the added weight on the roof. This makes routine roof inspections and preventative roof maintenance extremely important.

We look for holes, cracks, missing gravel, missing materials, and exposed felt when conducting a roof inspection. Any discolored areas show where algae and moss have grown. Algae and moss grow in areas where water has been, and if it pooled there once it will most likely pool there again. If water does not pool there again, it could be because water is seeping in.

The Seasons and Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

In areas in the northeast like New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts,winters can be brutal on your roof. Drains and gutters might be clogged from the fall leaves, preventing melting snow from properly draining. This excess water paired with the snow can put a lot of extra weight on your roof, possibly causing structural damage.

Spring often brings rain and winds so keeping an eye on the roof is important. While you could get up and walk the roof yourself looking for issues, they’re hard to see if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Springs rains and wind can greatly damage your roof. Heavy rains can cause water damage. High winds can remove materials and deposit debris. Summer heat can cause seals to crack. Fall leaves can clog drains and gutter. All of these increase the likelihood for roof leaks and standing water.

Like routine oil changes for a car, this planned maintenance increases the longevity of the roof and prevents costly, unexpected repairs. Contact Peck Brothers today to schedule your preventative roof maintenance.


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