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3 Reasons Why You Need Commercial Roof Replacement

There comes a time in every business when things need to be replaced. It could be employees, old equipment or even outdated technology. Letting go is not easy but it must be done. This is especially true when your commercial roof needs to be replaced. But first, you must know the signs.


Often, it’s difficult to know when something has reached the end of its lifespan. Other times, we know full well that it’s time but we try to hold off for sentimental or financial reasons. However, when your commercial roof needs to be replaced, it’s vital to take care of it right away.


How to know when your commercial roof needs to be replaced

1. Repairs just aren’t cutting it anymore.

You fix the gutters and discover you have a leak. The leak gets repaired but then you notice inadequate flashings. After you take care of the flashings, you learn that there is an issue with the roof deck. If your commercial roof has undergone a seemingly never ending series of repairs, you are really just throwing good money at a bad situation. Eventually, the cost of all these repairs will exceed the price of just getting a new roof. The repairs may seem like a good stopgap measure but you are actually just avoiding the inevitable. Stop the madness and invest in a new commercial roof.

2. A moisture issue has gotten out of control.

It’s fairly easy to repair one leak. On the other hand, if moisture has taken over the deck or insulation, which means the damage has become extensive. Broken seals, ineffective flashings and cracked seams can allow water to seep into your roof deck. If it gets in between the roof layers or saturates the insulation, this is a major problem and could lead to roof failure.


Don’t underestimate the massive destruction that even a small leak in your roof can cause. Remember one river created the Grand Canyon! While it’s critical to address these problems as soon as they occur, you might have inherited them from a previous owner. In this case, you might not know that there is already extensive damage. If water frequently pools on your roof or you see cracks and blisters on the surface, these are clear sign of danger ahead. Interior water damage and leaks are also good indicators. The presence or smell of mold is another signal. You may also notice higher heating or cooling bills because wet insulation is not doing its job effectively.  When these issues occur separately or a few at a time, it may not seem that important. However, left unchecked, they can lead to costly headaches and the need for roof replacement.

3. The roof deck has deteriorated.

Nothing is designed to last forever. Commercial roof deterioration can occur whether it’s made of wood or metal. It can also happen to both flat and slanted roofs. Many people believe that because flat roofs tend to have such a simple design and all material is laid horizontally, that they are basically indestructible, but this is untrue. Structural damage is probably more likely to affect a flat roof.  A common issue for steel roofs is outdated foam insulation, which can cause corrosion. Tar and gravel roofs can experience holes or wear and tear, often due to sun exposure or heavy rains. Your roof might also have suffered massive damage from a fire or extreme weather event. Severe winds can produce uplifting of the roof membrane. This lets water in, which can cause significant damage to the roof deck. The signs of this are not always immediately obvious, which is why having a professional inspection is so important.


Things to consider before your commercial roof replacement


You should plan early

Even if your roof is performing okay or has only needed minor repairs, the age of the roof should be considered. Most commercial roofs can be expected to last 15-20 years. In addition, different roofing materials and commercial roof types have different lifespans. It’s essential to find out more about your roof and how long it is expected to last. If yours is at or near that point, a replacement may soon be in order. Therefore, you should make plans in your budget and work schedule to prepare.


You must schedule regular inspections to avoid being caught off guard.

A total commercial roof replacement is rarely the first recommendation. That is, unless you have not been paying attention to your roof and any potential problems. For example, things like sagging, dips or corrosion of HVAC components are issues that can be caught early and fixed. Doing so should extend the lifespan of your commercial roof and allow you to delay replacement, at least for a little while.


You can go green with material disposal

Construction and demolition work generates several hundred million tons of waste each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. When your commercial roof needs to be replaced, find out how much of it may be recyclable.


You should only use qualified roofing professionals

Going on your roof yourself to perform an inspections or repairs is not wise. It’s also irresponsible to hire some unlicensed, ill-equipped, fly-by-night company to handle your commercial roof replacement. After all, we’re talking about the roof of your commercial building here, which is likely one of your company’s biggest investments.


Nonprofessionals bumping around on your roof will probably do more harm than good. There is also the potential for hazardous slips and deadly falls.


A qualified professional will assess your current roofing situation and provide advice and guidance. This will give you a good idea about financial expectations, building codes compliance and structural issues. Your roofing company will test the airflow and look for signs of previous uplift and any damage it may have caused. You will also be able to discuss any existing warranties you have and other tools and information you need to make an informed decision about the future of your commercial roof. He will also honestly tell you if repairs will do the trick or your commercial roof needs to be replaced altogether.

After your commercial roof replacement you should follow these preventative maintenance tips!

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