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Commercial Roof Repairs Aren’t Always Simple

The roof of a commercial property only needs one chink in its armor for the weather to win the war. Victory comes from understanding there’s more to successful roofing than replacing it.


It’s understandable why a commercial property would feel invincible against the weather. They’re typically larger than domestic builds and may think they’re too big to be beaten by a little water. The reality is that being bigger only makes your business more vulnerable, as every square foot of roof space could be the one which lets you down.


How long does a commercial roof last?” is probably your next question. Any roofing firm which gives you a definite answer doesn’t know their business because it’s a lot more complicated than that. The best roofers will help you answer the real question: “What can I do to extend the life of a commercial roof?”


Deconstructing what makes a strong commercial roof


Nothing is more important than keeping an eye on your roof and being proactive with its upkeep. Vigilance beats materials, every time. Commercial property could have the toughest roofing material while its neighbor had something lighter. The first business does nothing to maintain its roof while the second practices regular maintenance. Guess which one gets the leak?


Let’s say you haven’t been maintaining the roof and water gets in. Just patch it up, right? Wrong. Several dynamics unique to your business then come into play. Ease of access is one. The higher your building, the harder it is for a contractor to get people and equipment up there to fix it. This is one of those nasty surprise costs that cause headaches for business owners when ongoing maintenance and repairs would have prevented it.


The roof type is another factor. Most commercial buildings have flat roofs which can be easier for performing preventative maintenance. If yours has a pitched roof, this will make work more complex due to worker safety considerations and increased difficulty in maneuvering materials.


Warranties can help with the work


Do you know the current state of your roof warranty? Fixes made within warranty are fine, but it may be in your best interest to replace the whole roof if the warranty is coming to its end and the leak has caused significant water damage.


On the plus side, you may be covered for a significant amount of the repair cost depending on what kind of warranty you have. A full system warranty from your roof manufacturer can cover labor and material costs.


Being covered by a manufacturer’s material warranty saves you money if those materials don’t perform as they should. Remember this very important point – if you keep records and prove you have been proactive with your roof’s upkeep, this will help your warranty work as hard as it can for you. If a business is negligent in roof care and preventable problems take hold, your warranty provider will have little to no sympathy.


Damage scale and materials required are big deciders


The type and extent of roof damage create even more variables. Repair of an affected area such as tears, rips, loose shingles or guttering can be quite minor and relatively inexpensive. If your roofer is aware of the factors above, maintenance should be your only expense for years to come. Repairs can cost far less than a full replacement so be sure to read our previous blog on taking preventative measures.


Other more advanced issues such as a damaged substrate, pitch or trusses can be far more costly to repair. It’s impossible to say how much a total roof replacement would cost because of all the variables. Which materials was it composed of? Will you be sticking with those or making a change? That uncertainty is why it’s so important to hire an honest firm who’ll tell you where you stand and work with you and any existing warranty.


So, now you know how intricate commercial roofing can be, how much do you know about your contractor?


Only the best-qualified teams can keep you covered


Plenty of contractors will say they can do the job when they may not be qualified or aware of everything involved. Certified roofing teams know how complicated these jobs can be because they’ve been extensively trained to handle different scenarios. Here at Peck Brothers Roofing, we’re a certified member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) as well as many more organizations.


NRCA certification is a customer’s assurance that the contractor understands every aspect of roof repair/replacement. Our NCRA qualifications mean we do safer, more consistent work that conforms to a national standard. Roofing is our mission and your livelihood. Get in touch with us if you require anything from roof repair to full replacement.

At Peck Brothers Roofing, LLC we take a creative approach to roofing solutions. From repair and replacement to maintenance and disaster response, you can count on us to literally keep you covered. Give us a call at 201 791 3235 or email

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