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Why You Should Consider a Commercial Roof Inspection Before Replacing or Repairing Your Roof

When faced with a problem, most of us don’t stop and consider all our options. We see a potential solution and run with it, never considering that there might be a better or easier path. This is why you should consider a roof inspection before replacing or repairing your commercial roof.


The definition of consider is to think carefully about something before making a decision. You do it when purchasing a vehicle, hiring a new employee or taking advantage of a financial opportunity. So of course you should do the same before replacing or repairing your commercial roof. The stakes are high in each situation and will have an effect on the future of your business.


The importance of a commercial roof inspection before replacing or repairing your roof


Because you don’t pay attention to everything that occurs on your commercial roof

Do you really know what’s happening on your commercial roof? Sure you know that it keeps everything underneath safe and secure, but you probably don’t give much thought to its true daily function…until something goes wrong. Then, it gets all your attention (and quite a bit of your money, too).


Because a roof inspection is the first step in maintaining your commercial roof

There is a reason why you must have your vehicles inspected once a year. This is what ensures that it’s operating at its peak performance. It’s the same with your commercial roof.


Because a professional roofing company will know what to look for

How much do you know about flashings? Is your commercial roof made with a Built-up Roofing (BUR) Membrane or Modified Bitumen? If your answers are nothing and I don’t know, then a qualified roofing professional is needed. You may be able to perform a visual inspection to look for obvious signs of leaks or loose gutters. However, a roofing company will know to look for issues such as whether the roof is adhered properly to the substrate and pitch pockets that haven’t been filled.


Because all types of factors can damage your commercial roof

If there is significant foot traffic on your roof, it can become a problem. HVAC maintenance, heavy equipment and falling tools or other debris can cause issues with the surface of your commercial roof. Storm damage, critters and minor drainage concerns could also shorten its lifespan. Heck, even just aging and being in the elements for too long may cause considerable wear and tear.


Because the commercial roof on your building might not need replacing or repairing

When you suspect a problem with your roof, it’s likely that your first thoughts are how much it will take to fix it and how it will completely blow your yearly budget. However, do you consider that the issue might not be as bad as you think? A top quality commercial roofer will perform a thorough inspection, keep things working as they should be and make recommendations about the future of your roof.


Because forewarned is forearmed

You can’t do anything about a problem if you don’t know it exists. The quicker you become aware of a potential problem or pending trouble, the faster you can fix it. You know how vital it is to get regular medical checkups or schedule maintenance on your HVAC system. A commercial roof is no different.


Because there is a sense of knowledge in familiarity

With regular inspections, your roofing professional gets to know the ins and outs of your commercial roof. They may not find something wrong each time, but they will be more apt to recognize subtle changes and address them as necessary. In addition, they will be more aware of whether you need replacing or repairing of your commercial roof. Remember that knowledge is power.


Because your roof is probably one of the most expensive components of your building

Sure, you may have paid to retrofit your building to meet your needs. It’s even possible that you upgraded the HVAC system or went with fancy lights and luxury flooring. Still, a commercial roof is often costly. Even if you have very pricey electronic equipment and technology inside, it means nothing without the roof overhead to protect it all.


Because it’s better to pay for an inspection now than replacing or repairing your commercial roof later

Sometimes, business owners and property managers may complain that they don’t want to pay for an inspection. They believe either that the roof inspector will find nothing, making it a waste of money or that the inspector will make sure something is found just so they will have to pay more money. The truth is that a roof inspection may not find anything wrong every time. However, an inspection will catch small trouble spots before they become major headaches, thereby extending the lifespan of your commercial roof.


Because it just makes sense

If you ever decide to sell your property, potential buyers will ask about the condition of your commercial roof. They will likely request a history of maintenance and repairs. When you can prove that you have done everything possible for your building, including regular inspections and repairing your commercial roof, it will help the property sell faster. Additionally, you will have a better return on investment. This is especially true if you are considering purchasing a building.


Because your warranty may depend on it

Establishing an inspection schedule may be necessary to maintain any warranties you might have on parts or materials. If you don’t know when damage occurs, you may not be able to submit claims in a timely fashion, which could void your warranty.


Because you can hire an industry leading commercial roofer to handle it right

When you hire a top quality company with the best skills and experience, you know your commercial roof will be in good hands. With cold temperatures and harsh weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to schedule an inspection. This will save you the time and expense of replacing or repairing your commercial roof. Remember that your commercial roof is not just a slab of material over your head, it’s an investment. Be sure to treat it well.

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