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Some say that fall is a mellow time. It’s when we look forward to cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters and the beauty of change. On the other hand, if you own a commercial building, you may see fall as a time of hectic activity and increased energy as you work to complete tasks before winter.   Now … Continue reading “Fall Roofing: Things to Consider Before the Leaves Fall”

Many companies, and even builders, give very little attention to their commercial roof. The main concerns usually lie in the interior of the building space. However, it’s important to be aware that the roof comprises approximately 60 percent of the building’s exterior.  Ultimately the majority of your maintenance budget will eventually go toward roofing repairs. For this reason, … Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Your Roof: Do You Have a Roof Below Your Current Roof System?”

As a property manager, you help establish rental rates, attract tenants, handle maintenance and repairs, and collect rents. It’s likely that no one ever told you roof inspection would be part of your job description.  These roof inspection tips will help make that part of your job easier. Property managers are responsible for the entire … Continue reading “5 Roof Inspection Tips Every Property Manager Should Know”

When you purchase a building for your company, you typically consider factors such as location, square footage, and the strength of the commercial real estate market. It’s likely that you never think about the roof, roofing materials, or the cost of any potential commercial roofing repair. Your business expertise lies in your industry, so no … Continue reading “How to Tell if Your Roof was Built at the Same Time as the Building”

It is no secret that replacing a commercial roof is expensive, and time consuming, so why doesn’t everyone take extra care when caring for the roof to extend it’s life? A common approach to building ownership is “out of sight, out of mind”, which, some people may get lucky and that plan pans out, but … Continue reading “Extend the Life of your Commercial Roof: 4 Need-to-Know Tips for Building Owners and Property Managers”

Most commercial flat roof systems are built to last. However, this does not mean that they will not have any problems over time. If the roof is not properly installed and maintained problems can arise. When problems come up, what should you do to fix your commercial roof? You have a few options when it … Continue reading “Should You Repair or Replace a Damaged Commercial Flat Roof?”

Many people forget that the roof over their head that is keeping them dry until it starts raining on them at their desk or in an aisle of their store. Roofs are essential structures to the health and well being of a building. If the roof fails, there are many issues that can arise around the … Continue reading “Preparing For The Storm; How You Can Ensure a Long, Healthy Life For Your Commercial Roof”

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