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The roof of a commercial property only needs one chink in its armor for the weather to win the war. Victory comes from understanding there’s more to successful roofing than replacing it.   It’s understandable why a commercial property would feel invincible against the weather. They’re typically larger than domestic builds and may think they’re … Continue reading “Commercial Roof Repairs Aren’t Always Simple”

Common schemes all business owners should know about   If there’s one thing we can count on it is the fact that if there is money to be made, people will always take advantage of a situation. Unfortunately, in many cases, this involves targeting people who are in distress or vulnerable. When disaster strikes, it … Continue reading “5 Roofing Scams to Be Aware of and How to Avoid Them”

For both repairs and replacements, here’s what commercial building owners should know   “How much?” It’s a question most of us are programmed to ask from a young age. And as we evolve from buying toys to electronics and cars, it is something that always retains its importance. Of course, the more expensive the item, … Continue reading “What Factors Have an Impact on Roofing Costs?”

What building owners need to know   If you own any sort of commercial building, maintenance should be one of your big concerns. Whether it contains your own business or somebody else’s, it’s your job to ensure that it is well taken care of to provide the utmost safety and comfort for occupants. Clearly, the … Continue reading “How Long Will a Commercial Roof Last?”

Flat roofs are a common choice for businesses because of their cost-saving design. Without the right drainage, they’re flushing their money away.   Have you noticed that very few commercial buildings have a visibly sloped roof? That’s because business people are financially savvy. They know that a flat roof is a cost saver. This design … Continue reading “All You Need to Know to Stay High and Dry”

If something is wrong with your roof, it’s almost certainly related to one of these areas   Even though more people work remotely than ever before, millions still travel to a physical work place every day. And aside from their workstation (and maybe the break room), most of these employees probably don’t think too much … Continue reading “The 10 Most Common Commercial Roofing Issues”

If you own or manage a commercial building, one of your biggest maintenance concerns should be the roof Regular upkeep of your roof can help ensure the safety of everyone who works in the building and help prevent problems to avoid costly repairs. Roof maintenance is also a necessity as there are laws and regulations … Continue reading “How to Find the Right Roofing Maintenance Company”

It’s important to be proactive when it comes to your roof Planning for issues before they happen is the best way to deal with them when they happen, and with the right preparation, they may be avoided altogether. This is why we do things like buy insurance or get flu shots. Taking action early is … Continue reading “7 Preventative Maintenance Tips for a Commercial Roof”

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